Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chris Brown released new song freestyles of Kanye West’s Theraflu (Way Too Cold) and Mercy

Chris Brown just released two new singles, which are freestyles of Kanye West’s latest G.O.O.D. music singles Theraflu (Way Too Cold) and Mercy. Earlier this year, Rihanna and Chris Brown shocked the world when the two star-crossed lovers remixed each other's tracks "Birthday Cake" and "Turn Up The Music". There were even rumors that the two exes were going to get back together, but Chris is perfectly happy with his current girlfriend Karrueche. In these new song freestyles, it’s quite obviously that Chris Brown fired some disses shots to his ex-flame Rihanna. "Don't f*ck with my old bitches/like a bad fur/every industry n*gga done had her/trick or treat like a pumpkin/ just to smash her," raps Chris Brown. Take a first listen to Chris Brown’s new song freestyles of Theraflu and Mercy bellow:

Chris Brown - Theraflu (Freestyle) with lyrics

Chris Brown - Mercy

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