Friday, April 6, 2012

Kanye West premiered new single Theraflu originally for DJ Khaled

The Louis Vuitton Don always seems to have the remedy whenever hip-hop needs unforgettable moment. On Wednesday night, Kanye West unexpectedly premiered his new song Theraflu, his new Hit-Boy-produced single featuring both DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris. Hit-Boy leaked that this new single was only recorded a week ago before Kanye West released it. He didn't even intend for Yeezy to be part of the record, "It was supposed to be for Khaled's album, and 'Ye was just like, 'This needs to be out now; this is an urgent record' ". Since the official release of this new single, it has received great response from various fans. DJ Khaled gets overwhelmed by the record's response by saying it's been an exciting 48 hours, but he promises that there is more in the works following. Take a first listen to this new single and download Kanye West’s Theraflu to your own MP3 players freely for unlimited enjoying. 

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