Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch the Caine’s Arcade video to know how Caine Monroy becomes hot online

Caine's Arcade
Can you imagine that a 9-year-old child now has a $150,000 scholarship fund and fans all over the world just by making full use of his father’s used auto parts store to build a cardboard arcade for game playing? Well, you might have heard the story about the little Caine Monroy, a 9-year-old child who had constructed his own cardboard replica of several arcade-style games, such as miniature pop-shot basketball and ring toss in his elaborate Cardboard Arcade for people to play. His story even holds lessons for budding online entrepreneurs. Well, if you still have no idea of what happed with Caine Monroy, I would like to share with you what the story is. And try to know something that could bring you money in this story.

When Caine Monroy came to his Dad’s auto parts store, he generated the idea of replicating arcade-style games with the used parts and successfully created some games. At the very beginning, there were few customers entering the store and playing his cardboard arcade games. But thanks to Nirvan Mullick, who had been a loyal customer by chance and made a short 10-minute documentary video for the store (you can watch the Caine’s Arcade video bellow), Caine’s cardboard arcade was gradually known to the massive. In this documentary video, you could see what development of Caine’s arcade games. 

Well, after knowing about Caine and his arcade, you may wonder what lessons could be presented for budding online entrepreneurs from this story. Forbes released a story earlier this week that details nine factors of Caine and Mullick's success that other entrepreneurs should review. In this Forbs’ story, it is even predicted that Caine might be a billionaire in 30 years. Another meme is born. But more than a meme is what startups can learn from this experience: Just because you only have one customer doesn't mean you aren't in business, and you should treat every customer as carefully as Caine did. So if you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration today, check out the short video and read up on Caine's Arcade. It should get you thinking on how you too can create something from your own passion, even if you are just nine years old. If you like, you can free download Caine’s Arcade video to your own computer and then you can watch it unlimited.

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