Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sony released The Amazing Spider-Man official movie trailer 2 in Japanese subtitle

Amazing Spider-Man
With the release of the official movie trailers of The Amazing Spider-Man, the fight for “the superhero of the year” has heated up. Other strong competitive rivals of superhero movies include The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises which we’re about to see the marketing blitz for the final Batman film in the coming weeks. Now, just days before, Sony Entertainment released the Japanese subtitle version of The Amazing Spider-Man movie trailer 2 online. In this new movie trailer, we can see Spider-Man in action all over the town. The movie effects look terrific. The portrayal has Spider-Man talking, moving, and swinging like he came to life right off the comic book pages. And in the end of the movie, we finally get to see him in real action against the movie’s villain, The Lizard. Frankly, the second official movie trailer is somewhat similar to its previous one, but with footage the previous one is missing. Here, I’ve collected various versions of official movie trailers from online. Together, we may have a roughly integral acknowledgement towards this movie. Freely watch The Amazing Spider-Man official movie trailers bellow and feel free to download The Amazing Spider-Man movie trailers from online video sharing sites:

The Amazing Spider-Man official movie trailer 2 in Japanese version:

The Amazing Spider-Man official movie trailer 2:

The Amazing Spider-Man official movie trailer:

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D - Official Trailer:

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