Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer #3 [HD] out for free watching and downloading

As part of a new viral marketing game, Warner Bros. has officially released several official movie trailers for The Dark Knight Rises online, and this time comes the official trailer #3 for The Dark Knight Rises in HD. As scheduled, The Dark Knight Rises would be officially theatrical released on July 20th. The new trailer gives a better perspective on the evilness of Bane. One noticeable improvement in the new trailer is the adjustment in Bane's voice. Christopher Nolan seemed to have noticed the nagging complaints in earlier trailers of the incomprehensible voice of Bane, making significant improvement in the third trailer. The 140-second trailer also features a mid-air plane heist by Bane, Wayne and Kyle dancing, sinking football field, Bane's henchmen holding up a stock exchange, Gotham citizens witnessing two bridges blown to kingdom come, Wayne locking lips with actress Marion Cotilliard, and more. Well, take a free look at the HD 3rd official trailer of The Dark Knight Rises bellow.

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