Friday, November 24, 2017

How to Convert JPG to MP4?

Have you ever encountered such annoyance? You have a lot of precious or beautiful pictures in JPG format, and you want to turn them into photo slideshows or videos so as to use on your video iPod or other portable MP4 players. However, it seems hard to realize if you have no correct methods. About this issue, here I would like to share two effective solutions for anyone who needs.

If you want to convert JPG to video for freely playback on various players or mobile devices, convert JPG to MP4 is the best choice. Because MP4 is accepted by various devices and programs, such as computers, tablets, phones, game consoles, TVs. In addition, it is widely accepted by various media players and broadly used over the web. Hence, convert JPG to MP4 is needed and you can rely on online video converter as well as recommended Leawo Video Converter.

Solution 1. Convert JPG to MP4 with online converter

There are lots of online converters for us to choose from. For converting JPG to MP4, here I would like to take as an example to show steps. It is easy to use. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Visit to enter the page;

Step 2. Click the "Select Image" button to add your JPG files. Or you can directly drag and drop the files to the page;

Step 3. Choose a time in seconds between images;

Step 4. Click "Create Video" button to start converting JPG to MP4 video.

Though online converter is free and convenient, it has lots of shortcomings. For example, it requires internet access. And the online video converter requires video file unloading. The uploading might expose user’s privacy if the video content is personal, and the downloading requires extra time. In this case, I recommend video converter software.

Solution 2. Convert JPG to MP4 with best JPG to MP4 converter - Leawo Video Converter

Leawo Video Converter can be considered as one of the best JPG to MP4 converter since it is able to convert JPG to MP4 without quality loss in high speed. Besides, it is powerful enough to convert videos/audios/image between 180+ formats. And it also has rich video editing features. You can try to download Leawo Video Converter and follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Add your desired photo to the program.

Step 2. Open profile interface for ready to choose output format.

Step 3. Choose MP4 as output format.

Step 4. Set output directory and begin to convert.

For more detailed about the guidance, you can refer to the tutorial on how to convert JPG to MP4 easily with help of Leawo Video Converter.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Watch and Download Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer

Exciting news here for Marvel's fans! Recently, Marvel Studios has released the official trailer for the highly anticipated Black Panther, an upcoming American superhero film directed by Ryan Coogler from a screenplay by him and Joe Robert Cole. Now the Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer is available on YouTube. Watch the video to see the full trailer below.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Enjoy and Download Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do Music Video Freely

It’s too hard to wait the release of the new songs from Taylor Swift? Every time Taylor Swift releases a new single or album, she always generating lots of heat. This time is no exception. Recently, Taylor Swift has released her new single "Look What You Made Me Do" along with the music video. It has been available on YouTube and other websites. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Enjoy and Download Justice League Official Movie Trailer

Warner Bros’ just released another official movie trailer of its 2017 blockbuster – Justice League last Saturday. This is the second official movie trailer after the first one premiered last July during San Diego Comic-Con — at the studio’s counter to Marvel’s Avengers.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Enjoy and Download Lorde – Green Light Music Video from YouTube

Lorde starts her first single since her 2014 Hunger Games tie-in Yellow Flicker Beat, Green Light, in familiar territory for the 20-year-old New Zealand-born pop prodigy. The official music video has been uploaded and shared on YouTube just yesterday, and has received more than 3 million views with over 200,00 thumb-ups since it’s released. 
 As an eerily precocious teenager, Lorde seemed to leapfrog over the muck of emotional intensity that typically characterizes adolescence. By age sixteen, she was already numb to juvenile concerns (and well on her way to a No. 1 single). She seemed to float above her peers, thoughtful and sensitive and filled with malaise: “It’s a new art form showing people how little we care,” she sang on “Tennis Court.” Her sound suited this attitude—“Pure Heroine,” her improbably savvy début album, from 2013, could have been called “Pure Restraint”: light finger-snapping, lyrics sung in a hushed whisper, synth and drum lines slowed to an ice-cold pace. There was no kid stuff there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How to Download 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Video

The just past weekend must have been a wonderful feast for basketball fans. The All-Star 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest was just held on February 19th in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Smoothie King Center. Thanks to the 4 competitors, including Glenn Robinson III, Drrick Jones Jr., DeAndre Jordan, and Aaron Gordon, we have got a wonderful 2017 NBA Slam Dunk contest. Finally, Glenn Robison won the contest and got the trophy.

Those people who have missed the 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Live now could watch 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest video on YouTube and other video sharing sites. We’ve collected both the full game video and 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest highlight video for your convenience, as viewed below:


NBA ALL-STAR 2017 SLAM DUNK CONTEST (Highlight Replay):

You could now freely watch 2017 dunk contest video online, or download 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest video to computer with the help of online video downloader, so that you could watch the wonderful slam dunk contest video anytime as you like. Click to learn how to download 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Contest video.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Enjoy and Download Lady Gaga's Full Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Video

The just past 51st NFL Super Bowl match must have impressed you a lot, not only the match itself, but also the halftime show by Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga thrilled the country during her Pepsi Zero Sugar Halftime Show on Sunday night with a greatest hits-filled set that put her incredible showmanship front and center.

In the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, Lady Gaga sang several greatest hits from her career including "Bad Romance," "Poker Face," "Born This Way," "Telephone," "Just Dance" and "Million Reasons".

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Free Watch and Download Logan Official Movie Trailer

The final trailer for "Logan", Hugh Jackman's superhero swan song as the X-Man Wolverine, was just released. 
Logan is an upcoming American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine, produced by Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment and The Donners' Company, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is intended to be the tenth installment in the X-Men film series, as well as the third and final Wolverine solo film following X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). The film takes inspiration from "Old Man Logan" by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, which follows a past-his-prime Logan undertaking a final adventure in the post-apocalyptic future.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Get Leawo Video Converter for Free from the Continuous 2017 New Year Promotion

A video converter tool would be of great help for movie watching. You can find a lot of wonderful video converter tools online, like Format Factory, FreeMaker, etc. However, these video converters have either limited output format support or few practical features besides converting. Now, you have a good chance to get Leawo’s 4K Video Converter for totally free from their 2017 New Year Promotion activity, which will come to an end on January 12th, 2017.

Leawo Software has lasted this New Year promotion for days since January 3rd, by offering free New Year giveaway gift – that is Leawo Video Converter, and other up to 70% discount New Year special offers featuring Prof. Media, Video Converter Ultimate, Video Downloader, etc.  


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