Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Method to Download Amazon Video and TV Shows to Android SD Card Directly

Amazon Video offers digital movies and TV shows you can watch instantly on a compatible connected device. With Amazon Video, you can buy, rent, and instantly watch digital movies and TV shows. All you need is an Amazon account and a compatible, Internet-connected device. Now, there comes good news for Android smartphone users: they could now directly download Amazon videos and TV shows to Android SD card directly for future reviewing.

Amazon has always been enabling people to download its content on mobile devices. People could freely download films and TV shows on Android mobile phones, and then watch watch these downloaded Amazon films and TV shows on plane or ship, without needing to connect to the Internet. People could donwload Amazon video and TV shows to Android smartphones and then move the downloaded content to SD cards for more spare storage. This makes it a little bit inconvenient. Now, Amazon makes it even easier and more convenient by allowing people to directly download Amazon video and TV shows to SD cards. People needn't to move downloaded Amazon media files from their Android smartphones to SD card any more.

This new feature is available on Android devices including tablets and smartphones since July 18 in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

To make full use of this feature, people are suggested to download Amazon video and TV shows in a WiFi connection since the downloading would cost traffic flow. If you don't have a WiFi connection, take a try of the below method by using a video downloader program.
Amazon Video Downloader

How to download Amazon video and TV shows with video downloading app:

  1. Download and install this video downloader app on your computer;
  2. Click the wheel icon on the upper-right corner and then open "Downloader" option to set a directory for downloading and saving Amazon video and TV shows;
  3. Open this video downloader and click the "Download" tab;
  4. On the address bar, input Amazon website;
  5. Navigate to the video or TV shows you want to download;
  6. On the right sidebar, you could see options of detected video in multiple resolution. Select one and click the download icon;
  7. You could view the downloading process under the "Downloading" tab. 
  8. After downloading, you could see downloaded videos under the "Downloaded" tab. 
When downloading is finished, you could open the directory to view downloaded Amazon video and TV shows. Connect your Android tablet or smartphone to your computer and then transfer the downloaded Amazon video/TV shows (For your convenience, you could firstly connect your Android device to computer and then set the SD card as output directory in Step 2).

With these 2 methods, you could easily download Amazon video to SD card and watch Amazon video on Android tablets or smartphones.

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