Sunday, March 10, 2013

4 innovations on Samsung Galaxy S IV would lead the trend of future smartphones

With so many anticipations and so long the waiting, we have finally got clear to the release of the next Samsung Galaxy. It is only three days until Samsung officially releases Galaxy S IV on March 14th in New York City. The new Galaxy S smartphone is reported to be great features in configuration, like: thinner, larger, faster and better camera. However, all these features could be “common shinning spots” in various other smartphones, just like Xperia Z. Actually, the features that make the Galaxy S IV different from other smartphones are some innovations, right which might lead the trend of the future smartphones. Let’s take a look at these innovations:
Samsung Galaxy S IV
Innovation 1 - Rumored eye-tracking technology: The smart operating of the phone that would allow users to scroll pages via eyes. When users’ eyes reach the bottom of the page, the smartphone would automatically load up the next page.
Innovation 2 – Touchless gestures: The touchless gestures feature could answer your phone without having to tap "answer."

Innovation 3 – NFC: Samsung may possibly have reached agreement with Visa on the Near Field Communication technology for quick and convenient payment. The NFC has been mostly anticipated on many smartphones, like iPhone 5, but not realized.

Innovation 4 – Wireless charging: According to Digitimes, Samsung Galaxy S IV might realize wirelessly charging via the Qi standard.

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