Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Movies for Christmas 2012

With Christmas songs ringing out in streets and shopping malls, the Christmas again is just around the corner. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, even in the world of entertainment. Surely, there would be no shortage of Christmas movies to watch for this Christmas. The thing needed from people might be only some recommendations for popular and good Christmas movies, and some wonderful solutions to watch Christmas movies more convenient. For Christmas movie solutions, a Christmas BOGOF campaign is recommended, where various solutions regarding Blu-ray movies, DVD movies and HD movies are provided. While on Christmas movie recommendation, the following 5 movies might be helpful.
Christmas movie
29th Street: The true story of the first winner of the New York state lottery. Set in New York City in the 1950s-60s, a young man wins a bundle in the lottery and tries to get his father out of debt with loan sharks. When he wins, he doesn’t have the ticket, and is arrested for throwing rocks at his church. He explains his life to the police about how lucky he is but the luck is a curse.

Arthur Christmas: This movie shows the progression of generations of Santas and how they’ve lost their Christmas spirit over the years. Arthur is just the sort of clumsy, perpetually spirited son of the current Santa Claus to bring back the magic. Also, Hugh Laurie provides the voice of Arthur’s older, oddly muscular brother named Steve who runs Santa’s elves like soldiers in the military.

Love Actually: Someone tried to convince me that this wasn’t a Christmas movie citing the fact that it is watchable out of season while a true Christmas movie is not. I think Love Actually does a decent job of being in the Christmas spirit. Sometimes it’s the time of year the movie takes place that makes it one. Sometimes it’s just a good movie to share at Christmas time.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: What Top 5 Christmas movie list would be complete without good ole Charlie Brown? The gloomy kid who can’t ever manage to kick a football is looking for the true meaning of Christmas and for someone to fix that wilted excuse for a tree he keeps carrying around.

Die Hard: This one takes place on the night of his wife’s office Christmas Party. Who thought that the goofy dad from the Irkle show couldn’t be goofy in this one. He does get serious though toward the end. There is a growing sub culture that continues to herald Die Hard as the best Christmas movie ever, but they need to get a grip. It’s become a weird cult phenomenon to get a bunch of people together and watch John McClain kick butt on Christmas.

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