Friday, October 12, 2012

The New LG Nexus Smartphone Might be Named as Nexus 4 Coming Later this Month

Recently, there emerged quite many reports that LG will announce a new Nexus smartphone for Google. Though Google kept silent about these reports, the appearance of this phone leaked online proved these reports to be true. Now, the latest news about this new smartphone is that the official name might be LG Nexus 4. Meanwhile, the features and specs of this phone have been revealed online. You can took a look at the below picture to get some detailed information about this new smartphone:
LG Nexus 4
For the Nexus 4 codename, it is reliable for that once a Britain retailer leaked this information in the warehouse system. Along with the leak of the name, it is also indicated that there would be two colors available for this smartphone: white and black. For the official release, the LG Nexus 4 is mostly to be released this 29th, when the Father of Android, Andy Rubin, will give a speech on Dive Into Mobile conference. It is quite possible this new smartphone will be released then, together with the latest Android version. 

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