Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Oct. 11 Launch Event: Android Jelly Bean?

Following Samsung's hint at the Galaxy S3 Mini, evidence for the handset has started to mount with the revised smartphone appearing in a retail listing. No idea on just how true this particular leak is, as a retailer could just include the name of an unreleased device into its database just in case, instead of carrying actual stock of it, but should that be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini this time around, how come the retailer bothered to throw in two color options for the Galaxy S3 Mini? Perhaps it is to differentiate the models that come with NFC as well as those without. 
Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini
As the iPhone 5 has adopted a bigger 4-inch screen, Samsung is expected to go in the other direction and develop a smaller smartphone based on its popular Galaxy S series. Samsung sent out invitations this week for an event set to be held on Oct. 11. The invites sent out in Germany tease that Samsung will show "how big small can be." Earlier reports from last week had suggested that Samsung was planning to release a so-called "Galaxy S III Mini." That device is expected to match screen size of the iPhone 5 with a 4-inch display. Well, it is safe to say that Samsung wants to add new customers who want smaller phones, like for example, a customer who wants the display size of the iPhone 5 (4-inch) because it is easier to use with one hand. 

It is possible that the mini Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with Android Jelly Bean mobile operating system out of the box, similar to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the latest version of Android and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface.

Samsung is planning an announcement pertaining to a "little sensation" for this Thursday, October 11, 2012.

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