Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HP Announced All-in-one Spectre One Desktop PC Powered by Windows 8

After releasing the Windows 8 desktop product line on IFA 2012, HP today unveiled a group of updated and new all-in-one desktop PCs, many with touch screens to take advantage of Windows 8's new tablet-like user interface, including the first 23.6-inch Windows 8 all-in-one Spectre One, which is only 11.5mm thick. The Spectre One still doesn’t employ touchpad, but comes with quite sensitive Windows 8 compatible multi-touch control pad via wireless connection.
HP Spectre One
Announcements range from the HP Pavilion 20, a value-oriented all-in-one, to the HP Spectre One, which leverages design and a large touch screen for those who want a premium computing experience.

The HP Spectre One is HP's new premium all-in-one desktop, with a unique, attractive design that evokes the aluminum unibody designs that are en vogue these days. The Spectre One is centered around a 23.6-inch widescreen with seamless glass. The system's PC components are built into a curving base, allowing HP to make the screen itself 11.5mm (0.45-inch) thick. The Spectre One features an aluminum construction, Intel processor, Nvidia Graphics, and a wireless keyboard with matching trackpad. The Spectre One also includes a packed-in wireless mouse for those users who prefer one. That said, the trackpad and 10-finger touch screen are optimized for the Windows 8 user interface.

The Spectre One comes with added features like a two-year subscription to Norton Internet Security, full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements, full Adobe Premiere Elements, and dedicated technical support lines. The Spectre One is also one of the first PCs to include NFC (near-field communication) technology so you can use your NFC-equipped smartphone to login. NFC also lets you pair your smartphone to transfer photos over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you don't have built-in NFC, HP includes a few NFC stickers you can affix to a card or phone. The HP Spectre One starts at $1,299 and will be available in November 2012.

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