Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Transfer App from iPad to iPod touch

"How do I transfer an app that I paid for on my IPAD, so that I can have it on my IPOD touch too? Don't want to have to buy it again on my IPOD. When I plug in my IPAD to my itunes it connects all my IPOD stuff."

Many Apple gadget users may have the same experience. They purchased apps, music or movies on iPad and then want to transfer these data files to other Apple iOS devices, iTunes or various other non-iOS devices like Android devices, Microsoft Windows Phone devices, etc.
transfer content from iPad to iPod touch
Usually, it is very easy to transfer data between Apple devices and iTunes by making use of iCloud and iTunes. The iCloud is a very useful utility for all iOS 5 devices. You only need to have an account and then you’re able to realize free sharing of all your apps, movies and songs among all of your iOS devices like iPhone 4S, iPad and iPod touch, and iTunes. But iCloud would limit data transferring within only one account. As for iTunes, it could easily help you transfer apps purchased on App Store only. For other apps, it would be a little bit complicated.

Thereafter, is there any way to help transfer app from iPad to iPod touch in quite simple operations? Of course yes. There’re a lot of 3rd-party data transfer apps for you to choose for transferring app from iPad to iPod touch. An expert data transfer app could easily realize data transferring from iPad to iPod touch, iPhone to iTunes, iPod to computer, iPad to computer, etc. The following are detailed steps on how to transfer app from iPad to iPod touch with the help of professional data transfer app from Leawo.

Firstly, download and install this program on your computer.
Note: this program is only for Windows OS, free to download and clean for installing.
iPad to iPod transfer
Then, connect your iPad and iPod touch to computer. Launch the program. It could automatically detect all devices (iPad and iPod touch) on your computer.

Step 3: Find the apps you want to transfer from iPad to iPod touch in iPad under Device chart within this program. After selecting source apps, right click to choose “Transfer to” option where you select your own iPod touch. After that, you only need to wait for the converting finished.
iPad to iPod transfer
Easy to use for transferring app from iPad to iPod touch, right? If you still feel not enough, you can take the following tutorial video as reference:

You can also check the text and image guide here: How to transfer data among iOS devices freely. In fact, after transferring app from iPad to iPod touch, you will know that this app is also applicable to other data transferring, like iPhone to iPod, iPod to iPhone, iPad to iPhone, iPhone/iPod/iPad to computer/iTunes/non-iOS devices, computer/iTunes/non-iOS devices to iPhone/iPod/iPad, etc. 

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