Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple will announce new iMac on iPhone event?

There’ve reports about Apple announcing new iMac on iPhone 5 introduction event on September 12th. The reports said that Apple is going to release two new models of iMac, 21" version and 27" version, with the third Core i5/i7 processor and USB3.0 connectivity. It’s still unknown whether the new iMac would come with Retina display. According to the report, iMac will also adopt SSD as main storage to improve performance.

Well, are these reports true? Personally, probably not. The company will introduce its new smartphone this Wednesday during a special event in the US, alongside which it will also host a launch event in London, UK. The device is expected to ship by the end of the month -- and will also see the iPhone 3GS removed from sale, as the iPhones 4 and 4S are downgraded in the range.

However, in a living example of the growing challenge of finding advanced components in quantity, Apple’s plans for a new iMac have been subverted for months. Apple had been expected to introduce the new all-in-one desktop earlier this year, but this slipped into summer and, if we’re honest, we could be waiting until 2013.

"As for the iMac, Apple originally planned to release three new models with upgraded panels and CPUs, but due to poor yields of the panels, the mass production of the high-end model, has been postponed, without any launch schedule. The other two models – targeting the mid-range and entry-level segments – saw shipment volumes from the supply chain increase in September."

If Apple is indeed experiencing difficulties with a new display assembly on the larger 27-inch iMac models, it is unclear how the company will handle a launch. It appears unlikely that Apple would debut updated versions of the 21.5-inch models without new 27-inch models also appearing, so it seems that Apple will announce both models at the same time. Given that assumption, Apple could either introduce the new models at an earlier timeframe with availability of the 27-inch models delayed somewhat, or simply hold the 21.5-inch models until the 27-inch models are ready and the company can announce immediate availability of an entirely-updated iMac lineup.

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