Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Apps to Fully Enjoy London 2012 Olympic Games with Your Mobile Phones

London 2012 Olympic Games
Only two days left for the opening ceremony of 2012 Summer Olympic Games, informally known as London 2012, from 27 July until 12 August 2012. Over 10,000 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are expected to participate in this great sports event. People could watch the live show of London 2012 Olympics games with TV or online. People who have got the tickets could enjoy the Games and know the results in real-time. But for mobile phone users who would like to know the latest news about the Games and the Games arrangement, and watch London 2012 Olympic Games videos, some mobile phone apps or computer software would be of great help. Today I would like to share some apps with mobile phone users to fully enjoy 2012 Summer Olympic Games on mobile phones.

Official London 2012 Join In App
Official London 2012 Join In App

The Official London 2012 Join In app is a mobile guide for you to get to know the detailed Games arrangement. According to the Games arrangement, you can plan your time to watch the live show with your TV or online, enjoy and share your Games experience with your friends.    It’s an important tool to fully enjoy the Games, no matter you have got a ticket or not. This app includes the 2012 Summer Olympic Games events from the start of the Olympic Torch Relay to the Olympics and Paralympics, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, plus all the cultural, city and community celebrations happening across the UK. It is available to download now on Android, iOS and Blackberry. You can free download Official London 2012 Join In App.

Official London 2012 Results App
Official London 2012 Result App

The Official London 2012 Results app provides mobile phone users with all the latest news, schedules and results. Users could keep up-to-date with the latest action live across all Olympic sports and Paralympic sports. It includes the Games results, live updates, calendar schedule, details of sports, medal tables and athlete profiles. Users can also follow specific countries, receiving official news and updates tailored to them all in one app. Now available to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Official London 2012 mobile game
Official London 2012 mobile game app

The Official London 2012 mobile game app features nine different Olympic games for users to play, including Archery, Double Trap Shooting, 110m Hurdles and Swimming, in authentic London 2012 venues. Users can design, train and improve their athlete just the way they want. There are three different modes: training mode, Olympic mode and Challenge mode. Users could free download Official London 2012 mobile game app for enjoying.

Well, the above 3 official apps are released by the official website of the London 2012 Olympic Committee to help mobile phones users know everything about the London 2012 games. For more fun and enjoyment, I would like to recommend two media tools bellow, which could help Olympic Games fans to enjoy more Olympic Games videos.

Why recommending this tool? There would be a lot of excellent moments during the Games. Many wonderful video clips would be uploaded to the internet for sharing and enjoying. A Free Online Video Downloader could help you easily download the videos and matches you like to your own computer or mobile phone for unlimited and convenient future review. Also, when you’re using a mobile phone to watch the Games, it would cost your flows greatly. A free video downloading tool would help you save money.  

After we download the excellent video clips of the Games to our computer, a video converter could help us easily convert the downloaded Olympic Games videos to our mobile phones and other portable media players. Thus, we could watch the videos everywhere we like.

Well, I have to say, with these above 5 tools, you can make a better enjoyment of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. They would bring you more fun than the Games itself. But these tools of course are still far from enough for a complete and perfect enjoyment of London 2012 Olympic Games. I would provide more useful tools here for you to enjoy more.

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