Monday, August 8, 2016

5 Olympic Games Apps to Follow the 2016 Rio Olympics for iOS and Android Mobile Devices

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games have been going on for days, and has thrilled the world with glory of various exciting competitions. The whole world would still be thrilled in the following 2 weeks. You could sit at home to watch the live performance of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Or if you prefer your portable devices like your iPad and Galaxy S7, you can install the following 5 apps to follow the 2016 Rio Olympics freely on the go. The below 5 apps for iOS and Android would help you easily follow the entire 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games on your mobile devices.

Olympics - Official App

Let's start with the obvious. The Olympics -- Official App comes straight from the IOC . It includes schedules, results, news, records, medal counts, and galleries. The app also offers some video content and allows users to track athletes, sports, and teams. Olympics -- Official App also offers lots of data on Olympics of years past, so you can discover previous record-holders. (Download Olympics -- Official App for Android and iOS.)

Rio 2016

Rio 2016 is another official app. It proffers the most up-to-date information on the Olympic schedule, results, medal counts, sports, athletes, and teams. This app will be particularly helpful to those visiting Rio for the games, since it also includes maps, spectator guides, and details about venues. Rio 2016 will feature lots of photo galleries, not only from the games, but also from events all over the city. (Download Rio 2016 for Android and iOS.)

NBC Olympics -- News And Results

This app comes from NBC Universal, the official television partner of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games. This app focuses solely on the Rio games, whereas the NBC Sports app provides coverage for all sports. NBC says its Olympic-focused app gives you real-time results, TV and streaming schedules, video highlights, and expert analysis. It offers full coverage of Team USA, NBC's second-screen featurettes, athlete bios, alerts, notifications, and "Sport 101" primers on specific events. (Download NBC Olympics -- News and Results for Android and iOS.)


Facebook doesn't want to be left out of the action. The social networking giant has partnered with NBC to develop the "Social Command Center" on-site in Rio, where its employees will produce unique content. Facebook says its users will be able to view exclusive interviews, commentary, daily video recaps, and slick slow-motion video for Instagram. (Download Facebook for Android and iOS.)


Don't leave out search giant Google and its YouTube video property. Google plans to serve customized search results for each country, including medal standings, athlete bios, event schedules, and customized alerts. Google promises to deliver the most up-to-date data available. Much of the data generated will be text-based, but Google will also offer photo galleries. If you're looking for video, expect Google to provide links to YouTube. YouTube is partnering with the BBC and other media outlets to cover the games. Moreover, YouTube has a team of content creators on the ground to generate exclusive live video and immersive, 360-degree videos for VR lovers. (Download Google for Android and iOS. Download YouTube for Android and iOS.)

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