Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rivio to premiere Angry Birds Toons cartoon series on March 16th for every weekend enjoyment

Rovio just announced that the weekly Angry Birds Toons would be premiered on March 16th. People could watch the Angry Birds Toons live every weekend to get to know the latest adventures of the birds and the pigs. This cartoon series includes 52 clips, each of which will be 3 minutes long. In this brand-new cartoon series, you could get deep into the story. What makes Bomb Bird so angry? Why is the King Pig the King Pig? And are those mischievous piggies ever going to get hold of the eggs? You can get all answers in the Angry Birds Toons.
Angry Birds Toons
Rovio has promised to broadcast the Angry Birds Toons cartoon series via various other platforms and devices, though still to be cleared on which platforms and devices. Of course, with a free video downloader and video converter, you can freely download Angry Birds Toons and watch Angry Birds Toons on your own devices as you like.
Actually, the Angry Birds Toons carton series is just the entry strategy of Rovio into entertainment. The ultimate purpose of Rovio is to become Hollywood flagship entertainment company just like Disney.  Rovio has started the work to cooperate with the film producer of Despicable Me, John Cohen, to prepare Angry Birds 3D CG film, which is scheduled for 2016 theater release. 

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