Monday, September 10, 2012

How to transfer PDF files from a laptop to an iPad?

"I have around 1 GB of PDF files which i would like to transfer to my Ipad since it is easier to read them from there. I have an app caled pdf-notes which reads pdf files, however I don't know how to get them there. Thank you for your help!"

For readers, to read books on high resolution large screen not only produces more fun, but as well helps protect eyes. The problem is that users have to transfer PDF files to iPad from laptop or computer for convenient reading, which is not convenient at all.
iTunes is a good choice for doing this. But iTunes could only transfer apps purchased from App Store. Thus, it’s not a perfect solution for transferring PDF files and apps from laptop or computer to iPad. Today, I would like to recommend another solution, which could just fix the inconvenience of iTunes and help you easily transfer PDF files and apps from laptop to iPad – iTransfer. This PDF transfer program is able to easily and freely transfer data files between various iOS-devices, iTunes, computer and non-iOS devices.

You can refer to the below guide to see how to transfer PDF files from laptop to iPad. Of course, you need firstly install this program on your computer. Only two steps are needed:
Transfer PDF files to iPad from computer
Step 1: Connect your iPad to laptop or computer, and then open the program. You could see that your iPad is listed on the left side of the program.

Step 2: Find your PDF files on your laptop and then directly drag PDF files to the Books option under iPad device under the Device chart of this program. In the same way, you can drag your PDF reader app from laptop to iPad as well.

Then, things are done. You only need to disconnect your iPad from laptop and then install the PDF reader on your iPad, after which you can easily read PDF files on your iPad unlimited.

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