Monday, May 14, 2012

Freely enjoy and download Lazy Love audio by Ne-Yo

download Lazy Love
Ne-Yo is back with a double dose of excitement for his fans. One is to reveal the September 18th release of his R.E.D. album (which stands for Realizing Every Dream) issued by Motown Records, while the other is the release of the lead single off his R.E.D. album, Lazy Love. Ne-Yo always knows how to make the girls swoon with his soulful voice and R&B sounds! In the brand new alliterative track, the 32-year-old smooth operator croons "You got that, I don't want to go nowhere, you got that lazy love." Lazy Love is solid R&B record and guitar melody is captivating. Ne-Yo has touched on this cliched theme of “you’re so sexy that I just can’t stop humping your leg, at least until morning comes and then I will call you a cab” before but this time he didn’t try to imitate Michael Jackson. Expect to see ‘Lazy Love’ gaining airplay on Urban radio. Top 40/Mainstream radio, on the other hand, will be harder to capture. Take a listen to the audio track bellow and free download Lazy Love audio by Ne-Yo to your own MP3 players for unlimited enjoying.

Ne-Yo - Lazy Love song lyrics
If we’re friends this week, that means I’ll see you on the weekend
Maybe Saturday night at your favorite place to let your hair down
We’re lying all over the floor, like always
Like knowledge, I’m key and you’re the corresponding lock
Well, we sing on the way but we dance when we get there
We sing on the way but we dance

I bet my vision that I know you better
Than the clothes serving as your bedroom floor
You only want me when it’s trendy, girl
Still like lazy love on summer afternoons
I’m slowly chasing after you

Now I’m all excited and I can’t sit still
I’ve gotta do it better
You want it from me faster
Count on time not catching up
Trust the proverbial sun won’t set upon our dreams and the things we want to be
Well, we sing on the way, but we dance when we get there
We sing on the way, but we dance

I won’t try to change your mind
That’s not my style
I just let it happen naturally
You happen to be of the most inspiring people
It makes me believe everything you say

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