Monday, April 16, 2012

Free download Daughtry newly debuted Outta My Head music video

Just a couple weeks ago, Chris Daughtry and his band performed Daughtry’s new single Outta My Head on American Idol. To make this new single more popular, the multi-platinum rock band Daughtry have just premiered the official music video for Outta My Head, which is taken from the band's third studio album "Break the Spell" released since November 2011. This brand new music video follows the frontman Chris Daughtry as he spots a fine-looking lady, chases her down the street, and goes through all the troubles to get to her. Daughtry’s new album Break the Spell, which was certified gold within four weeks of its release, builds on the band’s reputation for melodic hooks and anthemic choruses while providing a powerful showcase for Chris Daughtry’s emotionally resonant voice. Though the third album hasn’t matched the sales success of the band’s first two, it was still number 115 on the Billboard 200 last week, 19 weeks after its release. Anyway, freely watch and download Daughtry Outta My Head if you want to see how Daughtry chase after girls:

Daughtry – Outta My Head lyrics
i thought it would be easy
but it ain’t for me
it’s kinda hard when you lay your heart
on a one way street
i really thought by now
you woulda slipped my mind
but the kind of love sent from above
is the killing kind

put my mind to rest and try to sleep it off
it’ll be alright when the morning comes
or am i wrong

ain’t no doubt about it
i can’t live without it
tried to forget you
but i can’t get you outta my head
just when i think you’re gone
you come back and turn it on
and just like a simple song
i can’t get you outta my head

well i saw you dancin’
dancin’ in my dreams
i saw your face and i can’t erase
all the things i’ve seen
even if i try
cause lord knows i’ve tried
i can’t escape
and i can’t shake the pain inside

crazy when she comes and crazy as she goes
i’m holding out my hands with nothing left to show
guess that’s the way it goes

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