Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free download Dawn Richard’s premiered music video Bombs for enjoying at your will

Dawn Richard - Bombs
After releasing her solo debut on March 27, Dawn Richard, the former Diddy Dirty Money singer, has dropped off a visual for her new single Bombs, the lead single off her R&B/Soul EP, Armor On, on BET's "106 & Park". In this new music video, Dawn is surrounded by tribesman of indeterminate origin, whose tribal garb includes African face paint, American Indian featherwork and chains, while their dance moves employ East Indian choreography. Dawn rocks cowboy boots, a waist-length braid and a headdress, dancing to the Druski-produced rhythm in a desert locale. Filling the clip with tribal-inspired dance instead of narrative footage, the former Danity Kane star tried to explain the concept better. "I wanted the art direction to be cohesive with the song and sound of the EP," Dawn said of the clip. "Warriors fighting for the same cause. 'Bombs' is the 'Hearts have arrived' record ... It's such a confident record and the way we approached it is super aggressive and super cocky." Free watch Dawn Richard’s new music video bellow and feel free to download Dawn Richard – Bombs music video to your own players for enjoying at your will: 

You all go grenade
I go Grenada
I am going .. all these niggers can …
I go a shade but I am so summer
.. lovers for days .. bombs away
What the hell did you say
bombs away
What the hell did you say
bombs away
What the hell did you say
Bombs away bombs away

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